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essay format australia

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Getting your essay format Australia right can boost your grades

Your essay format is as important as your actual essay content when it comes to getting the best grades. Your essay is seen as a whole package by your tutor and he expects that the content will be accurate, your English will be perfect and your format correct. The further you get through your education the more important this is. So if you are going to get the best grades you have to ensure that everything about your papers is perfect including its format.

What essay format Australia should you use?

The structure of your essay needs to present the ideas that you have in a coherent and logical argument. So how you structure your essay is vital if you want to create an essay that is going to get the attention of the reader and of course get you the highest grades. The simplest and most common structure of an essay is that of the five paragraph essay and most essays are based around this simple format. The format of a five paragraph essay typically looks something like this:

  • Introduction:
    • Open with a hook to get the full attention of the reader.
    • State your thesis or argument. This is what your essay is about.
    • A transition into your first body paragraph.
  • First body paragraph:
    • Refer to the transition sentence from the introduction.
    • Provide some context for the point that you are about to make.
    • Provide your strongest point in support of your thesis.
    • Show how your point supports your thesis.
    • Transition sentence to the next paragraph.
  • Second body paragraph:
    • Relate back to the transition from the previous paragraph.
    • Provide your weakest argument in much the same format as the first body paragraph.
  • Third body paragraph:
    • Similar to the previous paragraph but provide your second strongest argument in support of your thesis.
  • Conclusion:
    • Summarize what you have just said in the body.
    • Restate your thesis in new language.
    • Show that your thesis is proven.
    • Refer back to your opening hook.
    • Your closing statement; a personal perspective on the subject or a call to action

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