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best essay sampleEssay writing is not something that everyone can do with ease, it requires having an understanding of the topic being written about and in some cases a lot of research to provide supporting evidence in order to write out your thesis. The level of writing that is required to explain the subject in detail that is easy for the reader to follow and also be able to understand can sometimes be too much for a person to be able to get it right.

There is help available to those that have trouble writing, there are many free essay samples that are available online for download which can help show the level of writing that is needed and the format of how your essay should be written. Essay writing examples are another source of help which demonstrates how writers are able to collect their thoughts together and use the evidence they have found to support their opinions. It goes without saying, that you can use professional essay writing help Australia, but to assist you further, our team of experts have kindly provided some free essay samples in the form of a ‘how to’ guide:

  1. The subject

In some cases, the subject will be assigned to you which may also suggest the style in which it needs to be written, i.e. narrative, compare/contrast, argumentative, definitive and so on… in this case you should carefully complete your research to understand the subject the best you can. However, if you are left to choose your own subject then choose one that you are interested in or passionate about which will inspire you to want to write about it and make it much more fun for you.

  1. Plan out your essay first

Before you just jump in and start writing, it is often better to make a plan which outlines the points you want to raise. Sometimes, writing the opening thesis statement first can help as this then sets the level of what is needed to be researched and included. Use essay writing examples to help you come up with an interesting and original perspective but be careful not to copy from them as this is considered plagiarism and the change of writing will be noticed.

  1. The format of your essay should follow a specific structure
  • An introduction that contains an opening statement in the form of a hook or short anecdote. A few lines to tell what your essay is about and finally the opening thesis which defines to the reader what the subject is and depending on the type of essay, how you plan to go about providing support or make any connections.
  • The main body which usually consists of 3 paragraphs (unless your essay is overly long). Each paragraph should focus on one main point with an explanation of your findings about it.
  • The concluding paragraph should be a restatement of the introductory thesis using completely different words that brings attention to the main points of the essay using references from each of the body paragraphs. Some professional writers also suggest finding a way to link back to the opening hook or anecdote to bring the essay to a close.
  1. Proofread

Ensure that you check and then double check that your essay contains no errors. Read it through to yourself out loud over and again or get other people to read through it to help check. Submitting your essay with careless mistakes may result in it being returned or worse still, being marked down.

We hope that our best essay sample helps you to improve upon your writing and for any further help, get in touch with our experts today for a service which is both reliable and professional.

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