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how to write an essay

How important is it to know how to write an essay?

Knowing how to write essays is vital for almost every academic course you may study. Each essay will likely count towards your overall grades so it is vital that you work hard to ensure that every essay that you write will get the best grades. But this is not always easy as you will at times struggle with the subject as well as simply finding the time to do the work. The following tips will help you with how to write an essay that is going to impress the reader.

Tips on how to write an essay

Writing an essay does not have to be difficult. The better that you prepare the easier it will be and the quicker the actual writing will be done. Many people do not do any preparation and will just launch straight into writing their essay but they will often find that they have to go back and change things in their introduction and other parts as they develop different ideas and opinions as they write. But forming a simple outline for your writing need not be difficult and will save you time in the long run. The following is a simple guide to what your essay outline should cover:

  • Essay Introduction: This needs to have a simple hook to get the reader’s attention, this needs to be something shocking, an interesting fact, quote or anecdote. This should be followed by a statement of your thesis and then an outline of what you will cover.
  • The main body: This is where you prove your thesis; each paragraph should cover an individual piece of proof and should contain: Context for your proof, your actual point, and how the thesis is being proved.
  • The conclusion of your essay: This should summarize what you have just written about. Show how you have just proved your restated thesis. Make referral back to your opening hook to show its relevance and then provide a call to action or personal comment.

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