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tips for essay writing

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The importance of writing the best essays

Knowing how to write good essay papers is very important if you want to pass your courses with the best grades. You are going to be stuck with those grades for the rest of your life and you will want to ensure that they are as high as possible. Many of your grades are based on your essays so you will want to ensure that they are as good as they can be. Even if you know your subject inside out; if your essays are poorly written with issues with your grammar and poor structure your grades are going to suffer. The following simple tips for essay writing will help you to improve your grades by improving your essay writing significantly:

Simple tips for essay writing and improved grades

Getting higher grades by improving your essay writing is not difficult. The important thing is to ensure that you approach your essay writing in a methodical manner so that you always provide your tutor with what they are looking for:

Plan and outline your essay

One of the most important tips for essay writing is to spend some time up front with actually planning your essay. Bu creating a simple outline around the structure of your essay you can save yourself a huge amount of time when writing and also ensure that you have an essay example that is going to hang together and impress. This does not have to be complicated. Most essays are written around the 5 paragraph structure or something similar and you only need to make a few simple notes around each as your outline:

  • Hook, anecdote, quotation, interesting fact, or a shocking statement
  • What is your thesis or argument that you are going to answer – what is your essay about?
  • Introduction to your essay; how you are going to prove your point.
Body 1
  • Your strongest supporting point for your thesis
  • Context of your argument
  • Your supporting point
  • How does this point support your thesis?
Body 2
  • Last supporting argument for your thesis
  • Context
  • What the point is
  • How does it support your thesis
Body 3
  • Second strongest supporting argument
  • Its context
  • What the point actually is
  • How it supports your thesis
  • Summary of what you have said
  • Restatement of your proven thesis in different words
  • Referral back to your hook
  • Your personal comment or a call to action

Your Australian essay must also be in perfect English. So once you have written your essay you must take time to carefully proofread and edit what you have written. This is more than just having a quick read through or running the spell check. Carefully read your essay out loud so that you can hear any issues with your essay as well as working through it step by step to eliminate any mistakes.

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