Types of Essay Guide

There are several types of essay that you should know. Keep in mind that each professor has their different requirements, so you need to read the guidelines carefully to know what type of essay you need to write. For more ideas on essay writing, check out the following guide.


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What You Need to Know about Different Types of Essay

  • Narrative: In this type of essay, it is about telling a story. It has a beginning, body and ending. With this, too much detail are not necessary because you need to give descriptive information like the taste of papaya and darkening sky.
  • Cause and effect: This essay describes the cause as well as the result of issue or situation. You need to discuss the information informatively. In writing this essay, you need to do a research to know all the possible outcomes. Make sure that you support your thesis with details on how such cause lead to specific effect.
  • Argumentative: In here, you need to choose which side you want to discuss. After choosing, you need to argue and give some merits about the controversy. For instance, you can argue about the death penalty. This essay is about interpreting facts, gathering primary sources and statistics.
  • Research papers: It requires students to choose a topic, do a research and formulate his opinion.
  • Compare and Contrast: This essay type describes the differences and similarities of two things.
  • Five paragraphs: It includes an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion. In the introduction, it has 4 to 5 sentences, but be sure that you have an attention-grabbing sentence and do not forget to end your essay with a thesis. In the body paragraph, be sure to support your thesis. Keep in mind also that when it comes to the order of your supporting points, you need to write from least up to the most essential.
  • Classification: In here, you need to separate ideas or things in specific categories, then discuss each of them. You need to define them and provide examples of every type.
  • Description: In writing a description essay, you need to write about what a place, things or person is like. You need to describe the aspects of parts of your main subject.

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There you have the things you need to know about the types of essay. Whatever essay you need to write, be sure that you know what will you discuss or at least know some tips on how to write that type of essay you are assigned.

Use the tips above to cope with all types of essays!

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