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australia essay sample

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How can you use an Australia essay sample?

If you are from Australia or studying in Australia then you will know that you are going to have to write many essays as part of your education. These essays will need to be written as well as possible if you want to ensure that you get the grades that you need to pass your courses. But achieving the standard that is required is not always easy. Looking at how others have approached a particular essay format can often help you with both your content and the style of your essay. However care should always be taken not to just copy the essay example that you are looking at. Plagiarism or copying is a very serious problem in education and if you are caught you will almost certainly find yourself being removed from your course if not the whole school. So if you are going to look at an Australia essay example you need to be doing so just for ideas for writing your own unique essay.

Our Australia essay sample

The following will give you two examples of an introduction to an essay. The first is how you should not write an introduction to your essay while the second is a much improved version:

Non-effective Australian essay writing:

“This essay is about business failure and what you need to do to improve your chance of having a successful business. Many businesses fail for a host of different reasons and they need to do something to prevent failure. So what can the business do to survive?”

This introductory paragraph lacks a hook to draw in the reader. There is nothing there that actually says “here is a problem that needs solving”. Nothing is quantified. It also does not state any thesis or argument that the essay is setting out to prove. The following introductory paragraph however provides you with a “shocking” statistic that should motivate you to read on if you are looking to start your own business as well as having a thesis that the essay will seek to address.

“Some 9 out of 10 new startup businesses will fail within just 5 years of being started. This is often down to poor management skills of the entrepreneur responsible for the business and a failure to use available help. This essay will seek to show what support is available for businesses and how utilizing that support can prevent the demise of new businesses.”

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